www.totaldefense.com/premium This is security software that provides total online security for your system or pc. With total security, you protect all devices connected to your system, pc, mac, smartphones, and tablets with more security. It is designed to provide virus-free with guaranteed security, which gives you the security you need.

Complete Total Protection protects you from complete browser protection, essential antivirus protection, online security, web protection, anti-phishing, family defense, 10 GB online backup, and much more. If you are looking for a better suit then you should try to adopt the “total security premium” which promises you a 60-day money-back guarantee.

To install the total defense software, you are shown the button above, you go there and click on the button which will help you in setting up the total defense, which helps in maximizing the security of your system.

Total Defense Full Activation & Installation Steps

  • To download Total Defense software, go to the main page of your device on this system.
  • The first page that opens will have your serial number, write down the serial number.
  • www.totaldefense.com/premium Activate your total security premium under this page, it will send you to the “Welcome to total security premium membership” page. For the first time in installing the software, you should first activate your member by clicking on the “Activate” key.
  • “Activation” key will send you in the total defense activation/registration form, you just need to go here and fill the required information.

Go to the steps given below and set the Total Protection Premium:-
Installation steps

  1. Create your account
  2. Set up account
  3. Activate your membership
  4. Give some time to download/exit the file
  5. Click “Install” and give time to install the product.
  6. Click “Finish”
  7. Allow time to download anti-malware signature files.

By going to the information given above, you can get the software by completing the installation steps and you can also get the services by visiting the given link www.totaldefense.com/premium